• Adventure Quest

    Project owner: Grunt Games, LLC

    This project was my capstone project at Augusta Technical College during the Summer 2020 semester. Its objective is to gamify therapy for those suffering from mental disorders such as PTSD or anxiety disorders. A physicial will assign a "quest" to a patient, which can be accomplished by completing objectives set by the physician, such as visiting a certain location.

    Our class was assigned to build an interactive website that would allow the physician to create and assign quests to patients, monitor the progress of ongoing quests, and communicate with the patient through the app.

    My role in the devlopment of this website was the SCRUM Master, in which I met with the project owner on a consistent basis, set weekly sprints for our 3-person team, and ensured that the devlopment process went smooth. Additionally, I was the database engineer for the project, desiging a MySQL-based patient/physician records database.

    Click here to view the Github repository for the project.

  • Augusta Devloper Website

    Project owner: The Augusta Developer

    This project was done for a local technology-oriented meetup called "The Augusta Developer, a meetup that was held monthly in Augusta, GA from 2017 through 2020, when it became an online meetup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this project was to create a landing page for the meetup, where potential participants could see what events had been held in the past, and to know when the next meetup would take place. Additionally, there is an interactive page of the site that lets members of The Augusta Developer list their favorite programming tools and utilities.

    Click here to view the website.